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Met One Instruments Inc. provides reliable, affordable, precision instrumentation for monitoring ambient and indoor air quality. We engineer and manufacture products from our facilities located in Oregon, Texas and New York. Our customer service, including on-going after-sales support is the best in the industry. All our products are made in the USA. More »

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BAM 1022 Particle Counter The BAM-1022 is an in-line, continuous beta attenuation mass monitor designed to operate under a wide range of ambient conditions. The BAM-1022 is integrated into its own lightweight weatherproof enclosure for quick set up and maximum siting flexibility. Read More


The Met One Instruments BC 1050 Black Carbon Monitor is a filter transmission-based, multiple wavelength Black Carbon “BC” and Ultraviolet Particulate Absorbing “UVPM” monitor. The BC 1050 monitor independently determines the concentrations of BC and UVPM in real time, with 1-minute time resolution and with sensitivity of less than 2 nanogram/m3. Datasheet  White Paper

Neighborhood Air Monitor

The Met One Instruments Neighborhood Air Monitor is a versatile and inexpensive PM2.5 sensor that continuously monitors air quality on the neighborhood scale and makes data available immediately on the “Cloud.” Read More

Calibration Lab Opens in China!

Qingdao Kangbao
A601 No.52 Building, Lavie Community
702 Shanhe Road
Chengyang District 266108, Qingdao, China
Email: Chen Min at
Phone: 86-532-8099-9211/86-532-5877-0800

New EPA Ruling

The EPA recently completed their Risk and Technology Review of Petroleum Refineries, and identified some ‘residual risks’ existing under the existing monitoring standards.

To address these risks, the EPA has published a notice that they are modifying the 40 CFR parts 60 & 63 to increase monitoring requirements at Petroleum Refineries, and one of the additional requirements is for basic 10M Met towers. Met One Instruments has been providing meteorological stations to the petroleum industry for more than 30 years. Please contact us at Datasheet

Met One Instruments' BAM 1020 is the only beta gauge manufactured in the USA, with domestic sales, service, and technical assistance.

Met One Instruments Inc. is proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are pleased to continue offering our customers high quality instruments, systems and service.

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