Met One Instruments’ Solar Farm Monitoring System is an automated weather station specifically designed for solar resource applications. The system is easily customized with accessories for additional measurements, wireless communications, and remote power.

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The Met One Instruments, Inc. BAM 1020 PM2.5 monitor is the only monitor with EN approvals according to latest EN criteria. The BAM 1020 FEM PM2.5 is the only beta gauge manufactured in the USA with USEPA equivalency.

The beta source is not dangerous and does not require special handling for disposal. Most clients do not need special licensing.

Met One Instruments, Inc. factory is located in Grants Pass, OR, USA where all our products are manufactured. We do not have factories or assembly facilities in China. We are a full blown manufacturing facility employing 150 people from engineering to machining in the USA.

We welcome all existing and potential customers to visit our location in Grants Pass for a tour and free training.

Please contact us for further information. 3/8/2011.
Ecotech has supplied particulate profiling equipment from Met One Instruments that was mounted on an aircraft used to conduct the airborne aerosols research for Qantas by Flinders University. The equipment request from Qantas was an urgent one with only two hours notice, and they have expressed their thanks for Ecotech’s outstanding service. ” For more information, please contact