A construction contractor in the Northwest was working on a project in the mountains where a workday was determined by the amount of rainfall. Each day someone was sent to the site to determine if there had been too much rain over night or if it was currently raining. If the weather conditions were favorable, the contractor would contact his construction crew and they would go to the site. Time was lost sending someone to visually check the site so the contractor contacted Met One Instruments for a time and cost saving solution.

Our engineers came up with a system to alert the contractor when the conditions were not suitable for work. The key element was that it had to be easy to use as the day foreman might change each day. An automatic voice system was decided upon. Each morning, the foreman calls the remotely located site via telephone, and connects with the Met One Instruments MicroMet Data Logger at the construction site. The logger, using a voice messaging modem, provides the caller with current rain conditions and conditions over the past 2, 4, and 8 hours. Using this information, the foreman makes his decision to contact the rest of the construction crew. The users of the system have been able to get out to the site earlier each day when conditions are good, and not waste the time of the foreman going up the mountain to check on the muddy condition every morning.

This system makes use of the MicroMet 455A Data Logger, the MX-913 Modem with Voice Response and the Model 370 all metal, tipping bucket rain gauge. Using the MicroMet Plus software on a PC system, the users are also able to call the remote logger and download archived rainfall rate and totals as well as receive the voice message. Additional information on the rainfall alarm system, remote alarm systems, and voice messaging systems can be obtained by contacting the Met One Instruments sales staff.