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Service Department

Met One Instruments' service representatives are ready to help. Send an email to our service department at and we'll get back to your shortly.

Factory Trained Technicians in China

Met One Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce a Service Group based in China. Chen Min has worked with us since 1995 and has experience with the BAM 1020, E-BAM, E-Sampler and other products. Please contact by phone at 86-532-5877-0800, cell phone at 86-133-2502-3502, or email at

Service & Maintenance

PDF icon USEPA Meteorological Monitoring Guide
For pricing and delivery, please contact

Calibration Lab Opens in China!

Qingdao Kangbao
A601 No.52 Building, Lavie Community
702 Shanhe Road
Chengyang District 266108, Qingdao, China
Email: Chen Min at
Phone: 86-532-8099-9211/86-532-5877-0800

Equipment Returns

Please complete our Return Authorization Process Form in one of the following formats:

Meteorological Instruments

Service-010C Service-011 Service-013 Service-014A
Service-014MINI Service-020C Service-021C Service-023
Service-024A Service-034B Service-045B Service-053
Service-060/063 Service-064 Service-076B Service-083
Service-090D Service-091 Service-092 Service-096
Service-212 Service-370/380 Service-590 Service-591
Service-592 Service-593 Service-594 Service-595
Service-1564 Service-1565 Service-80570 Service-9250
Service-BX-596 Service-SD-201 Service-SS-201 Meteorological Calibration Equipment

Particulate Monitoring Instruments

Service-BAM-1020 Service-E-BAM Service-SASS Service-E-SAMPLER
Service-GT-321 Service-GT-331 Service-GT-521 Service-GT-526
Service-Aerocet-531 Service BT-637    

Data Logging