014 Mini Wind Speed Sensor

014A Wind Speed Sensor


Operating Range* 0.45 m/sec to 60 m/sec
Starting Threshold* 0.45 m/s
Accuracy* ± 0.11 m/sec or 1.5% of Full Scale
Resolution 0.04 m/sec
Linearity Less than 0.25%
Output Two contact closures per revolution
Basic Slope and Offset .79984 slope, 0.45 offset for m/sec range*
Contact Rating 10 mA maximum
Connection Two wires to compression screw terminal block
Operating Temperature -50°C to +85°C
Weight 0.18 Kg
Mounting 1/2″ diameter vertical mast
Construction All aluminum with two stainless steel bearing assemblies

*Output calculation M/sec (Frequency X 0.79984) + 0.45

Specifications based on standard aluminum cup assembly 1812

Download PDF here.

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