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Street Box London

Sisak – Croatia

Radinac Smederevo – Srbija


Meteo Station 42m Obrenovac – Serbia

E-Sampler with Solar Array France

E-Sampler in France

E-Sampler in Australia

Eco Lab Banja Luka – Bosnia



Air Monitoring Station Testing France

Meteo Station 42m Obrenovac – Serbia

V & Z Banjauka – Bosnia

Provincie Gelderland BAM 1020 PM10 and PM2.5

Joel Craig & Jay Courtney, San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District

BAM 1020 – UK

Najarian Project

BAM 1020 – Bermuda

MOI’s 034B – San Jose, Costa Rica

014Mini and 024Mini – China

014Mini and 024Mini – China

Automet Datalogger – Indonesia

BAM 1020 PM10 and PM2.5 – Philippines

BAM 1020 – Colombia

Lulin Atmospheric Background Station, LABS – Taiwan

BAM 1020 – Malaysia

385 Rain/Snow Gauge

BAM 1020 – Chile

BAM 1020 – Chile


[Taj Mahal]

Pictured: The BAM 1020 monitors particulate and weather parameters at the Taj Mahal in Agra. Met One Instruments’ particulate and meteorological stations assist in preserving the world’s art and archaeological sites. Among the most notable sites, the cave drawings in Mongolia, the Sphinx in Egypt and the Taj Mahal in India.


[Industrial Site]

Met One Instruments has provided monitoring equipment around the world for a variety of applications.


[Industrial Site]

Low maintenance, rugged, reliable instruments make MOI the manufacturer of choice for all requirements.


[Mees Observatory]

Complete Weather Station at Mees Observatory, Mt. Haleakala, Hawaii.


[Offshore Ship]

FLIP ocean survey ship at sea with Met One Instruments, Inc. array.




System monitoring the effects of weather deterioration on the structure of the Sphinx.

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