Dear Sirs,

Our company is using products of your company for the last 5 years. In addition we are also using «Model 466 AutoMet». As a positive comment, we would like to mention that over this time your meteorological stations demonstrated that they can be operated under various conditions presented at the Karachaganak Field. All required servicing is only timely cleaning them up from dust.

Especially we would like to stress that your station with a wind sensor « Model 034 » is very easy and simple in operating it. Software “MicroMet Plus “, version 2.2 is very convenient for our conditions of working, it allows to keep on a long-term basis all meteorological data in our local computer, and also the data can be comprised and presented in a convenient spread sheets format.

Best regards,

Ruslan Mukangaliyev
Field Environmental Coordinator
KPC FAB, Office 103

Note: The letter above is from one of the most rugged regions on this earth. Please see the brief description below.

Much of Kazakhstan still looks the way it did when Genghis Khan and his hordes swept across the Central Asian steppes: vast, desolate and empty. Today’s travelers will feel as if they’ve reached the final outposts of the civilized world: Bleak desert scenery leads to flat, seemingly endless plains, broken occasionally by isolated cities, many of them industrial wastelands dating from the Soviet era.

The plains end abruptly at sharply rising foothills and high mountains along the country’s eastern and southeastern fringes, where the best attractions lie. According to Asian legend, somewhere in the Altay Mountains, which straddle Kazakhstan’s borders with Russia and China, is Shambhala — the paradise that will someday reveal itself.