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High Quality Analog Measurements

Temperature is weather.
You need the most accurate
measurement available.
011E 010C 020C

011E Class One

- Ideal for wind energy applications. With excellent cosine response, this sensor exceeds the performance criteria established by the International Electro-technical Commission, IEC 61400-12-1 for class-1 wind sensors.


- A highly accurate companion to the 011 class-1 anemometer. Measures wind direction in wind energy applications. The lightweight airfoil meets IEC requirements and is accurate to ±2 degrees. The sensor is especially useful on meteorological measurement towers exceeding 60 meters.


- High accuracy measurements of horizontal wind speeds up to 100 MPH. The lightweight three-cup anemometer meets EPA and PSD requirements and is used in virtually all applications where fast response and low starting threshold are of paramount importance.


- Lightweight airfoil vane coupled directly to a precision potentiometer. The 020C is the companion sensor for the 010C anemometer. Meets PSD requirements and provides an accuracy of ±3 degrees. The sensor is especially useful when low starting threshold, high damping ratio, and short delay distance are required.


- This motor aspirated radiation shield is currently employed in the most comprehensive temp monitoring network in the world. 076B shields can be used with up to four T/RH probes and are available for use with 110/220 VAC and 12VDC power sources. These shields are commonly used for Delta-T measurements and are deployed around the world by NOAA and leading research organizations.

Met One's Pyranometers

are used for measuring solar irradiance on a horizontal or tilted plane. We offer a complete line of first and second class radiometers as well as secondary standards and solar tracking instrumentation. Typical uses include solar monitoring for photovoltaic power plants and solar radiation delta temperature (SRDT) measurements. All Met One pyranometers meet or exceed World Meteorological Organization and ISO 9060:1990 standards.

Local Weather Impact

Better Data Helps Productivity

Local weather has a major impact on industrial processes, operations, efficiency and safety. The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), municipal and state environmental regulatory organizations, require that basic meteorological variables be measured and recorded on site. Previously collected ambient data from industrial or waste management sites can be valuable in cases of complaints or litigation. Collecting high-quality data regarding ambient conditions can help to increase overall plant operating efficiency and productivity, while minimizing downtime and overhead costs.

Digital Measurements Made Easy

Met Station One Sonic Weather Station 596 092 083E

Met Station One

- The industry standard in accurate and affordable weather stations. The MSO provides key measurements: wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure in a single convenient package. The MSO is a digital sensor and provides RS-232/485, and SDI-12 output signals.

Sonic Weather Station

- The smallest and most rugged multiparameter weather station available. The SWS measures wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure in a single convenient package. The SWS is a digital device and provides RS-232/485, and SDI-12 output signals. A smart choice for Air Quality networks, hydro-meteorological networks, and remote applications.

596 PLUS

- Our most accurate multiparameter sensor. It is compliant the WMO & EPA measurement standards. The 596+ not only provides ambient temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure measurements but also supplies the calculated values for air-density and dewpoint. The 596+ is a digital device and sensor provides RS-232/485, and SDI-12 output signals.


- Accurate pressure measurements from sea-level to 10,000 feet. This digital barometer is used to measure absolute atmospheric pressure. This sensor is supplied with a permanent NIST calibration.The 092 supplies analog and digital outputs and is compatible with any data logger capable of accepting signals in voltage or serial format.


- Easy, accurate, reliable, Used in meteorological studies throughout the world, the 083E is a combination temperature and relative humidity sensor. The 083E provides analog and digital outputs and is compatible with any data logger capable of accepting signals voltage or resistance format.

Automated Weather Stations

Turnkey Custom Meteorological Systems

Met One Instruments, Inc's (MOI) weather stations and sensors are proudly manufactured in the USA. We excel in design and technology and we manufacture to the highest quality control standards. For 50 years MOI has a proven real world performance record. The commitment to our customers and the quality of our products has made Met One Instruments, Inc a world leader in meteorological monitoring.

MOI's meteorological monitoring systems feature quality sensors, components and accessories. Sensors supplied with each system cover the range of measurements, level of accuracy and long life that user require. Our sensors interface directly to most data loggers and industry standard Data Acquisition/ Management Systems.

Our Integrated Systems Group (ISG) provides design expertise and equipment knowledge to ensure accurate, reliable data for commercial, industrial and military markets. The MOI line of automated observation systems provide accurate and reliable meteorological, and air quality data acquisition, recording and reporting. Our products and systems are in service world wide with environmental protection agencies, university research, exploration projects, large and small industrial facilities, agriculture and hydrology. Most Nuclear Power plants around the United States and many others around the world use our systems. MOI systems are supplying meteorologists, decision makers, and researchers with vital data in some of earth's most hostile environments.

MOI Systems Engineers and dedicated staff work with each customer to examine the project requirement. Our team then specifies the equipment and sensors required. Pulling together years of

experience in the design, operation, and maintenance of monitoring stations we are able to beat deadlines and streamline deliveries. Our systems are preassembled, pre-programmed, and tested as a whole before shipping. The systems are turn-key and ready for immediate operation. Met One Instruments, Inc directs a considerable percentage of our annual revenue back into R&D activities resulting in the continual improvement of our products.

Met One Instruments, Inc's is committed to renewable energy and environmental preservation. Our line of weather stations and meteorological sensors are designed to improve the measurement accuracy of the world's precious natural resources. We offer class one wind sensors and high accuracy solid-state weather stations to measure and optimize power generation from wind and solar farms.

Please contact us with your application and our in house Sales, Service, and Design team can assist you with New Projects, Expansion of Existing Systems/Networks, Upgrades, Sensor/System service, raining, and on-site services.

Three Level 100 Meter Weather Tower

Three Level 100 Meter Weather Tower

Automated Weather Stations

Automated Weather Stations

Visual Weather Display

Visual Weather Display

Weather Sensors

High Quality Measurements

014A 024A 50.5 034B
013 023 300 Series Rain Gauge Set 060 Series Temp Sensors


- Superior reliability for long-term unattended operations. Quality data collection, meets PSD requirements. Ideal for a wide range of applications. 0-100mph range.


- 0 to 360 degrees of dependable wind direction measurement. Typically used in tandem with the 014A anemometer. Suitable for a wide range of applications.+/- 5 deg accuracy. 1mph starting threshold, meets PSD guidelines


- The solid state option, this two dimensional ultrasonic wind sensor is used to measure wind speed and direction. This sensor is an alternative to traditional mechanical cup and vane or propeller and vane wind sensors. This sonic wind sensor provides analog and digital outputs and is compatible with any data logger capable of accepting signals in voltage or serial format.


- Extremely rugged, this anemometer measures wind speed up to 150 MPH. The sensor is particularly useful in remote, unattended locations where high winds and heavy icing conditions are common.


- The companion sensor for the 013 anemometer. Measures wind direction in adverse conditions prone to high winds and heavy icing.


- Combination wind speed and direction. A smart choice. The sensor is capable of measuring wind speeds in excess of 160 MPH and is designed for simple, rapid installation. The 034B provides accurate, long-term measurements in hostile environments and meets PSD and WMO wind speed specifications.


- Accurately measures snow/rainfall at up to 3 inches per hour. Providing years of trouble free service, 300 Series tipping bucket rain and siphoning gauges are available with 6, 8, or 12 diameter inlet funnels. These rain gauges conform to National Weather Service recommendations and are widely used for precipitation monitoring applications.


- Designed for the most demanding industrial conditions, the 060 Series temperature probes are precision devices that accurately measure ambient air temperature in weather monitoring applications. These sensors respond quickly to rapid changes in environmental conditions and are designed for reliable, continuous operation.

Renewable Energy Application

Renewable Energy Application

Military Applications – TACMET II

Military Applications – TACMET II

Three Level Tower at Nuclear Power Plant

Three Level Tower at Nuclear Power Plant

NIST Traceable Calibrations, ISO 9001Certification

NIST Traceable Calibrations
ISO 9001Certification

Met One Instruments has the systems, people, and experience to solve your toughest problem.

Met One Instruments satisfies your meteorological monitoring requirements by providing:

  • Sensors
  • Integrated measuring systems
  • Installation and training
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Factory direct service
  • Responsive customer service
  • Engineered solutions
  • Pricing consistent with high quality

Met One Instruments integrates the following measurements into unified meteorological monitoring systems which meet or exceed EPA, PSD, NRC Safety Guidelines, WMO and equivalent international standards:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew point
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Precipitation
  • Differential temperature
  • Sigma

Met One Instruments products are used world wide for compliance monitoring, plant and landfill site surveys, air pollution studies, test range support, weather research, crop protection and environmental impact studies. If your needs are special, we can custom design a system for you.

"To strive for continuous improvement in our Quality Management System to assure a quality product, delivered on time, for total customer satisfaction."

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate