BAM-1022-078The BAM-1022 is an in-line, continuous beta attenuation mass monitor designed to operate under a wide range of ambient conditions. The BAM-1022 is integrated into its own lightweight weatherproof enclosure for quick set up and maximum siting flexibility. The primary output channel provides an hourly update and is used to support the PM2.5 FEM designation (EQPM-1013-2″09). An additional output channel provides shorter term, user selectable outputs (1, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes).

The BAM-1022 employs a unique “in-situ” sampling technique where the beta measurement is kept at a near fixed temperature above ambient conditions, thereby minimizing sampling artifacts due to loss of semi-volatile particulate material or due to excessive moisture in the sample stream. Highly accurate measurements are made without having to employ expensive Nafion dryers thereby increasing reliability and decreasing operating costs. The integrated shelter does not use air conditioning, nor does the sampling system employ flow splitters. This results in easier service, enhanced reliability and lower power consumption. Contact